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Products sold through Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA)


Bank Compliance Check Up

Use Bank Check Up, website, to save time and take the guesswork out of compliance monitoring. This subscription requires Microsoft Office™, version 2010 or newer.

Ongoing monitoring is critical for your compliance program to be successful. The program will help you:

  • Determine if your compliance program is meeting requirements
  • Decide if your training is effective
  • Highlight strengths and spot weaknesses

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With you have access to Reference, Training and Monitoring Assistance

Is it difficult to keep up with new regulations, proposed regulations, effective dates of the regulations plus the training you need to do for these regulations? Make your life easier with ICBA’s NotJustCompliance.

This website provides bank personnel access to the following topics:

  • Compliance
  • Lending
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Training Materials
  • Personal Calendar

With a subscription you have access to:

  • Calendar to guide you in planning
  • Training agendas
  • Checklists
  • Prep plans to meet compliance requirements
  • Regulations updated and annotated to tell you what has changed and when
  • News geared toward the banking industry
  • Information from the regulatory agencies i.e., proposals, special alerts, guidance

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Check Your Ad Program

Use the Check Your Ad program to take the guesswork out of compliance checking your advertisements.
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Customer Service Representative Training

The Customer Service Reprentative Series includes six CD programs that provide your frontline with information they need to excel. Each program includes a presentation for individual or group viewing on a computer screen or via a projector connected to a computer. The manual is searchable with quizzes, examples, and testing.
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Loan Processor Training Series

When working with customers during the lending process, what’s the key for the customer? Great service. What’s the key for the bank? Knowing that a good loan was made and a strong customer relationship is developed. This training series will ensure a smooth experience for the borrower, thus cementing their positive opinion of your bank.
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Compliance Deskbook and Bulletin Service

For 20 years the Compliance Deskbook has provided compliance information to community bankers. It’s a great reference for your desk. The newly updated is your “Go-To” resource for compliance information all on one Web site.

  • Learn what has changed before the mandatory compliance date
  • Easy to use calendar for quick reference on important dates of regulations including mandatory dates
  • Updates to the regulations are done for you
  • Includes information for all four regulatory agencies (OCC, FED, FDIC, OTS)
  • Cross-references the Compliance Deskbook with regulations
  • A single reference for all personnel – eliminates multiple sources and multiple answers
  • Covers 39 compliance regulations banks must follow
  • Receive e-mail Compliance Bulletin alerts
  • Annotations explaining what has changed and when
  • Guidance
  • The latest compliance information
  • Print your own paper version from to ensure your bank is in compliance.

Make the Compliance Deskbook your single resource for compliance today! For a 30 day free trial call Cathy in the ICBA Education Department at (800) 422-7285, ext. 7337 or e-mail her at

Products Provided Independently


E-Learning We can convert hard copy training content/programs into an interactive learning experience for the user – with Q&A, scenarios, examples, and testing that is trackable using LMS, Learning Management System, or SCORM, Sharable Content Object Reference Model.

This type of training can include:

  • Video created using Flash player format that may be viewed by a group using a computer screen/projector.
  • E-Learning (created using the video content) that incorporates interactive materials.
  • Workbook – electronic (similar in structure to electronic book) and/or hard copy based.

These programs may also be distributed on a web site or CD subscription basis or one time purchase. We’ve had success with sending “update letters” to the one time purchasers about the availability of an update to a program. This worked for us both in e-Learning and hard copy based training programs and ensured that the programs were updated regularly.

Compliance Workshop on the ADA

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  • A document help system is organized according to the organization's needs, and who uses the help system. It can include
  • MS Word document and pdf files - all printable or with links to other information, procedures, references.
  • It can have a table of contents, key word search, index, and glossary. A help system can also have video content, examples, audio, quiz or testing - or it can simply be a place to house the policies and procedures.